Rosewood Tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia)

Rosewood Tree

Description: The Rosewood Tree is a very rare plant with fern-like leaves. It is falsely called Palisanderbaum, but it is not related to rosewood. The Palisanderholzbaum comes from Argentina, but it is currently found where the climate is warm and humid.
In nature, rosewood is a tall tree. As a container plant, it forms tender and slender shoots. In the wild the Palisanderholzbaum forms beautiful blue bellflowers. As a container plant it rarely makes its flowers.
Care: The rosewood tree can be a sophisticated plant. He needs a partially shaded, warm and very humid place. The temperature should not drop below 16-18 degrees C throughout the year, especially in winter. In summer, the plant can be put outdoors, in a sheltered place. For casting, we use only warm, soft water. The Palisanderholzbaum is sensitive to calcium, even in the fertilizer. He is fertilized every 2 weeks. If, after the winter, the rosewood tree loses a lot of leaves, we should not worry. Soon he will form new ones. The fallen leaves should be removed immediately, because they smell unpleasant. The Palisanderholzbaum is usually suitable for greenhouses.
Propagation: Pretty easy on seeds. They are seeded in permeable soil at 25 degrees C in February-March.
Diseases and pests: Root rot can occur when the soil is too wet. Leaves may fall off if the air is too dry.

Phot. Pawan Tikku, Published under license CC-BY-SA-3.0, Source: Wikimedia Commons. The photo shows the adult plant.