Pink Catharanthe (Catharanthus roseus)

Pink Catharanthe

Description: Pink Catharanthe looks similar to periwinkle. This plant is also called Pink Room Evergreen. The flowers and the leaves are similar. The pink Catharanthe comes from the tropics. We cultivated it as a houseplant or annual plant. It can also be easily grown in the garden.
Pink Catharanthe has shiny leaves. The flowers are white and or pink. It reaches up to 25 cm growth height. Pink Catharanthe flowers from May to October. The whole plant is very poisonous! Especially you should not use them as plants in the baby room.
Care: The pink Catharanthe needs a bright spot, but not directly in the sun. It grows well at room temperature, in winter 15 degrees C are enough. It is important that the soil and room temperature are the same. The pink Catharanthe copes well with simple Uniwersalerde. In summer, this ornamental flower is abundantly poured. In the winter a bit more economical. The pink Catharanthe is fertilized every 7 days from March to September. In the beginning with a nitrogen fertilizer, then only with a fertilizer for flowering plants.
Propagation: Pink Catharanthe is propagated by seeds or by cuttings in March. Junde specimens should be cut back to allow them to branch nicely.
Diseases and pests: Normally none.

Phot. Arria Belli, Published under license CC-BY-SA-3.0, Source: Wikimedia Commons.