Palm Fern (Zamia pumila)

Palm Fern (Zamia pumila)

Description: The cycad is very often confused with the lucky feather. He belongs to the family of Zamiaceae. This species is very old and rarely available in the trade. The Palmfarn comes, inter alia, from Mexico and the West Indies. The cycad fern forms a bulbous trunk from which grow out hard, fan-shaped leaves.
The outer part of the leaf is more intensely colored.

Care: The cycad needs a bright spot, but it must not stand in direct sunlight, despite the fact that it is more exposed Wildlife is growing in the full sun. The leaves can then fade. The substrate should be permeable. We avoid too wet soil and too frequent irrigation. Better for the cycads is water shortage as surplus. We should rarely repot the plant. The Palmfran should be treated with cactus fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.

Propagation: The cycads are propagated by seeds.

Diseases and pests: Pests rarely attack this plant. If the soil is too wet, root rot may occur.

Phot. Forest & Kim Starr, published under license CC-BY-SA-3.0, source: Wikimedia Commons.