Lily (Lilium) ‘Latvia’

Lily Latvia

Description: This plant belongs to the Asiatic hybrids. This lily has beautiful, bicoloured flowers. The variety ‘Latvia’ has shiny yellow flowers with brown spots in the middle. The throat is yellow-green, the anthers brown-orange. The flowers are 6-7. It reaches 110 cm height of growth. The leaves are dark green, narrow-lanceolate, shiny, about 17 cm long.
The flowers can also be cut. Continue reading “Lily (Lilium) ‘Latvia’”

Lily (Lilium) ‘Lollypop’

Lily Lollypop

Description: This plant belongs to the Asiatic hybrids. This lily has two-tone petals. The flowers are star-shaped, directed upward, they are dark pink and turn into yellow-white color. This lily will look especially beautiful when planted in groups. The flowers can also be cut. The stem reaches up to 80 cm in height.
The flowering season is June-July. As flower bulbs in pots, these Continue reading “Lily (Lilium) ‘Lollypop’”

Lily (Lilium) ‘Netty’s Pride’

Lily Netty's Pride

Description: This plant belongs to the Asiatic hybrids. Breeder: J. Wadekampe; 2004. The leaves are green, lanceolate, about 10 cm long. The shoots of the lily are stiff, upright and they measure about 70 cm in height. The flowers are bicolored, they measure up to 12 cm in diameter. Up to half of the flowers are red-violet or red-brown. The throat and tips are creamy white.
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Lily (Lilium) ‘Prato’

Lily Prato

Description: This plant belongs to the Asiatic hybrids. The lily ‘Prato’ has characteristic flowers, with equally shaped petals. The flowers are orange with small red spots. The lily ‘Prato’ reaches up to 95 cm height. The flowers can also be cut. They are ideal for planting with other lilies.
The flowering season is July.

Care: This lily is planted in the spring or August-October. Continue reading “Lily (Lilium) ‘Prato’”

Lily (Lilium) ‘Casablanca’

Lily Casablanca

Description: This plant belongs to the Asiatic hybrids. The flowers of this lily are horizontally directed, they reach about 25 cm in diameter. They are white and give off a strong smell. This lily flowers from July to August. It reaches a height of 100 cm.

The variety ‘Casablanca’ is planted in spring or August-October. She Continue reading “Lily (Lilium) ‘Casablanca’”

Lily (Lilium) ‘Muscadet’

Lily Muscadet

Description: This plant belongs to the Asian hybrid. The flowers are white with red Pünktchen, they measure about 15 cm in diameter. This lily emits a light scent. The flowers are in grapes. The flowering period is July-August. It reaches 80 cm in height. It can be planted as a solitary on the lawn.

Planting time: Spring or August-October. Continue reading “Lily (Lilium) ‘Muscadet’”

White Turk’s Lily (Lilium martagon)

White Turk's Lily

Description: This genus grows in deciduous forests of Europe and Asia. From small yellow onions appear in the spring about 150 cm long shoots. The leaves are ovate and are in whorls. In June, small, turban-shaped, white, yellow or pink flowers appear. The flowers reach 5 cm in diameter and stand to 20.

Care: This plant grows well in the sun and partial shade. The soil should Continue reading “White Turk’s Lily (Lilium martagon)”

Magnificent Lily (Lilium speciosum var. Album)

Magnificent Lily

Description: This plant belongs to the Oriental Lilies. One of the most beautiful botanical lilies. The flowers are white, red or pink, with dark anthers and characteristic papillae. The variety album forms intensively fragrant, white, velvety flowers with greenish patina on each petal. They appear on purple, about 120 cm long stems. It blooms late – from August to September.
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White Turkish Lily (Lilium martagon var. Album)

White Turkish Lily

Description: This plant belongs to the Margtagon hybrids. This lily is not considered endangered in Germany. However, it is specially protected under the Federal Nature Conservation Ordinance. The bracts are strongly rolled outwards and so gives the characteristic turban shape. The Türkenbund is one of the most beautiful lilies.
They are rarely grown in gardens. The flowers are small, Continue reading “White Turkish Lily (Lilium martagon var. Album)”

Lily (Lilium cernuum)


Description: This lily grows in the forests of Asia. The onions are small and white. The stems measure about 70 cm and are covered with narrow, green leaves. In June, small turban-shaped pink flowers appear in grapes. You can carry up to 25 flowers on a stalk.

Care: This lily grows very well on acidic, moderately moist, fertile and humus-rich soil. The location should be permeable, Continue reading “Lily (Lilium cernuum)”