Fargesia murlielae (Fargesia murielae) ‘Jumbo’

Fargesia murlielae Jumbo

Description: Fargesia murlielae ‘Jumbo’, also the ‘Great Garden Bamboo’ called, grows strong and upright. Its small, lanceolate leaves have a fresh green color. Fargesia murlielae ‘Jumbo’ has green, thin stalks with a slightly curved to far overhanging tip. In older plants, the stalks are yellow. Fargesia murlielae ‘Jumbo’ can reach a height of up to 3-4 m, but can also Continue reading “Fargesia murlielae (Fargesia murielae) ‘Jumbo’”

Agave ferox (Agave ferox var. Salmiana)

Agave ferox salmiana

Description: A spectacular, giant agave that grows up to its own in their homeland 2m high and 3m wide can grow. Originally she comes from Mexico. There it is cultivated for the production of the alcoholic national drink ‘Pulque’. It forms a dense rosette of long and broad, dark green leaves. Blooms once in a lifetime, after flowering, the agave dies. Forms foothills, which Continue reading “Agave ferox (Agave ferox var. Salmiana)”

American Agave (Agave americana)

American Agave

Description: This exceptionally long lived succulent comes from Central America. The dense rosette of thick, prickly leaves of silver-gray color, with a width of up to 20 cm and a length of up to 150-200 cm, is embedded on a short stem. In culture, there are also species whose leaves are white or yellow-lined (var. Marginata) or striped (var ‘picta’ and ‘striata’).
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American Agave (Agave americana) ‘Marginata’

American Agave Marginata

Description: An extremely ornamental variety of American Agave, otherwise ‘Variegata ‘ called. Characteristic of them are the cream-colored sides of the leaves and long, sharp, gray-blue tips. It grows relatively slowly, up to 90-120 cm high. As a crop, this strain is quite popular, but because of its slow growth, it is usually more expensive than the blue-gray American Continue reading “American Agave (Agave americana) ‘Marginata’”

Agave Queen Victoria (Agave victoriae-responsinae)

Agave Queen Victoria

Description: A beautiful, short-lived agave with a compact, round shape Rosette. Especially in her is the unique white pattern on the leaves. Agave of Queen Victoria was named by Thomas Moore in honor of Queen Victoria of England. It is considered one of the most beautiful agaves. In the wild, it grows on limestone, in the deserts and semi-deserts of Mexico.
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Butterfly Agave (Agave isthmensis)

Butterfly Agave

Description: A small but very decorative agave, also called butterfly agave ‘ is called. It has interesting, thick, silvery-blue leaves with slight depressions on the sides and ornamental, red-brown thorns. These leaves are narrower at the base and extend up to the top. They are decorated with a characteristic pattern of old leaves. Originally, the agave comes from Oaxaca, Continue reading “Butterfly Agave (Agave isthmensis)”

Agave montana

Agave montana

Description: This magnificent agave is also called “Crystal Bowl”. In the natural environment, it grows in the mountainous regions, such. B. La Peña in Mexico. It reaches about 180 cm in height and 150 cm in width. Agave montana has greyish-green, glossy leaves with spikes along the edges and a large reddish spike. The leaves, which are decorated with a characteristic pattern Continue reading “Agave montana”