Pellionia (Pellionia pulchra)


Description: Pellonia is native to Asia. It is a groundcover plant. It can be grown in small greenhouses or traffic lights. The stems of Pellionia are reddish. They are covered with gray-silvery leaves. You’re very attractive. The Pellionia does not bloom in our conditions. It grows slowly and reaches heights of growth up to 25 cm.

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Pfitzer Juniper (Juniperus × pfitzeriana), Old Gold ‘

Pfitzer Juniper Old Gold

Description: The Pfitzer Juniper, Old Gold’ is a conifer. It is a cross between Juniperus chinensis and Juniperus sabina. The Pfitzer juniper ‘Old Gold’ is low and shrubby. The shoots grow radially around the plant. The Pfitzer juniper ‘Old Gold’ grows strong on average.
After 10 years it reaches approx. 60 cm height and 1 m width. The needles and scales are intense Continue reading “Pfitzer Juniper (Juniperus × pfitzeriana), Old Gold ‘”

Pink Catharanthe (Catharanthus roseus)

Pink Catharanthe

Description: Pink Catharanthe looks similar to periwinkle. This plant is also called Pink Room Evergreen. The flowers and the leaves are similar. The pink Catharanthe comes from the tropics. We cultivated it as a houseplant or annual plant. It can also be easily grown in the garden.
Pink Catharanthe has shiny leaves. The flowers are white and or pink. It reaches up Continue reading “Pink Catharanthe (Catharanthus roseus)”

Nettle-Silk (Cuscuta europaea)


Description: The nettle-silk belongs to the family of the wind-plants. The nettle silk is an annual with long, winding stems. They are thin, branched and have a red hue. The leaves of nettle silk are scaly. The flowers are close to dense heads. They are white and pink. Nettle-silk flowers from June to September.
It occurs in the scrub and on fields. The nettle silk Continue reading “Nettle-Silk (Cuscuta europaea)”

Almond fruit (Clarkia unguiculata)

Almond fruit

Description: Other names: Clarkia elegans. The almond is an annual plant and comes from North America. It reaches 60 to 120 cm growth height. The shoots are upright, very branched, reddish. The almond bush has gray-green, lanceolate or egg-shaped leaves. On the ends of the shoots appear long inflorescences, which consist of cup-shaped, four-petalled, purple-pink or red Continue reading “Almond fruit (Clarkia unguiculata)”

Fieder Zwenke (Brachypodium pinnatum)

Fieder Zwenke

Description: This plant belongs to the grass family. It occurs throughout Europe and also in North West Africa. The Fieder Zwenke spreads via rhizomes. This plant has green leaves. The tips are overhanging. During flowering, the Fieder Zwenke reaches 40-80 cm in height. It blooms in July.

Care: The Fieder-Zwenke needs a sunny spot. It likes Continue reading “Fieder Zwenke (Brachypodium pinnatum)”

Black Snakebeard (Ophiopogon planiscapus), Niger ‘

Black Snakebeard Niger

Description: Synonyms: Ophiopogon, Black Dragon, Ophiopogon planiscapus, Nigrescens ‘. Black Serpent Beard, Niger ‘is often offered as Black Grass. This shrub has numerous, narrow, dark purple leaves that are similar to the leaves of the grasses. Black snake beard, Niger ‘forms low lumps about 40 cm high. The plant spreads quickly through short, subirrdic rhizomes.
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Pygmy Gullweed (Gypsophila cerastoides)

Pygmy Gullweed

Description: The dwarf gnee is wintergreen and reaches up to 10 cm in height and 25 cm in width. From late spring to mid summer, the decorative, loose inflorescences appear. Normally, the dwarf weed flowers very abundantly. The flowers may be white or pink with purple nerves, they measure about 1-2 cm in diameter.
The leaves are not oval and densely guarded. The dwarf Continue reading “Pygmy Gullweed (Gypsophila cerastoides)”

Karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus)


Description: The Karaka tree is a very decorative New Zealand plant. It belongs to the family of Corynocarpaceae. The shiny green leaves have beautiful white edges. In our climate, the karaoke tree does not carry seeds. The seeds are orange and poisonous. In nature, the karaoke tree is a tall shrub similar to laurel.
The side shoots grow out of the main shoot.
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Globba (Globba winitii)


Description: Globba belongs to the ginger family. She comes from Tailand. The Globba reaches up to 1 m height. The leaves are green and oblong. They look something like leaves of the vaginal leaf. The roots are small. They form small rhizomes. The inflorescences Globba are hanging. The single flowers are white, yellow or red.

Like the lipstick flower, for example, Continue reading “Globba (Globba winitii)”