Lily (Lilium) ‘Lollypop’

Lily Lollypop

Description: This plant belongs to the Asiatic hybrids. This lily has two-tone petals. The flowers are star-shaped, directed upward, they are dark pink and turn into yellow-white color. This lily will look especially beautiful when planted in groups. The flowers can also be cut. The stem reaches up to 80 cm in height.
The flowering season is June-July. As flower bulbs in pots, these plants are ideal for balcony and terrace.

Care: This variety is planted in spring or August-October. The onions are planted in permeable, acidic, humus earth. The place bright, according to the motto: head in the sun and feet in the shade. The soil should be mulched with pine bark. It can be planted with plants that have a shallow root system. Planting depth is twice the size of onions. Every 3 years, the bulbs are dug up and transplanted. The withered flowers are removed. It is completely hardy.

Propagation: By dividing the onions.

Diseases and pests: The pests include aphids, lily chickens, lily of the valley and snails. Sometimes the lilies are attacked by fungal diseases or gray mold. In our other post, we write on how best to combat gray mold.