Lily (Lilium hybridum), African Queen ‘

Lily African Queen

Description: This lily belongs to the trumpet hybrids. The leaves are about 1-2 cm long and dark green. The stem reaches up to 2 m in height. The trumpet-shaped flowers measure about 15 cm in diameter and appear in July. The flower color of the variety ‘African Queen’ is golden orange. The outside of the petals is gray-light green.
The color does not change during flowering. The flowers emit a strong but pleasant fragrance. On a shoot appear up to 20 flowers.

Care: The soil slightly acidic, moist and permeable. The earth should not be too wet, especially in autumn and winter, the place is sunny. The bulbs are planted in spring and autumn.

Propagation: Usually offal onions. Also possible by sowing seeds. Such plants will bloom after 3 years.

Diseases and pests: The pests include lily chickens and snails.