Dahlia (Dahlia) ‘Acapulco’

Dahlia (Dahlia) 'Acapulco'

Description: This upright-grown cactus dahlia grows to a height of about 160 cm and is especially needed in windy summer a prop. The dahlia ‘Acapulco’ blooms from June until the first frost. It makes big, full flowers. They are purple and when they bloom you can see the yellow center. The diameter of the flower is 15-20 cm. The leaves are dark green.

Care: The spot is sunny and the ground permeable, slightly acidic or neutral. The base of the plant should be sprinkled with mulch or compost. It should be watered regularly throughout the growing season. Higher stems require support, otherwise they can tip over. After the first autumn frost, the stems are cut, the tubers are dug out, cleaned and dried. We store them in a cool cellar.

Propagation: By dividing the tubers.

Diseases and pests: The dahlia ‘Acapulco’ is resistant to diseases and pests. But we should pay attention to the gray mold, which can occur during the hibernation.

Use: The dahlia ‘Acapulco’ is ideal for home gardens, flowerbeds, parks and also as a solitary.