Cushionaster (Aster dumosus), Niobe ‘

Cushionaster, Niobe

Description: Cushionaster’ Niobe ‘belongs to the Asteraceae family. This variety is very low. This plant reaches about 35 cm height. Older and adult specimens may be slightly higher. Kissenaster ‘Niobe’ spreads through rhizomes, so the flower can be grown as a groundcover. Thin and dark green leaves stand on stems, which are slightly woody at the base.

Cushionaster, Niobe ‘flowers in September-October. The flower baskets are pure white and small. On the shrub they appear gradually. Kissenaster ‘Niobe’ is resistant to frost.

Care: Kissenaster, Niobe ‘must grow in the sun. In partial shade and shade the plant flowers and grows very poorly. She loves moist and fertile soil. On too dry ground, it does not develop properly. During periods of drought de flower must be poured. In spring, it is advisable to use multi-substance fertilizer and in the late summer of an autumn fertilizer to extend the bloom. In autumn, when the plant starts to turn yellow. All shoots are cut. Every few years the plant is divided and rejuvenated.

Propagation: Best by division. Even a small part can root well.

Diseases and pests: During hot and humid summer days, Cushionaster ‘Niobe’ is very sensitive to mildew. To protect the plant from disease, we can prophylactically use Topsin M 500 SC.