Tulip (Tulipa), Ancilla ‘

Tulip Ancilla

Description: The tulip’ Ancilla ‘belongs to the merchant hybrids. These tulips are mostly hybrids, but they are considered botanical tulips. The variety, Ancilla ‘was bred in 1955 in the nursery van Tubergen. The tulip ‘Ancilla’ reaches 10 – 20 cm height. The leaves are broad-lanceolate. The edges are slightly wavy. They are green. The tulip ‘Ancilla’ is blooming in April. The inside of the Continue reading “Tulip (Tulipa), Ancilla ‘”

Tulipa (Bleu Aimable)

Tulip Bleu Aimable

Description: Tulip Bleu Aimable is a cottage tulip. They are single and flowering late. These tulips grow strongly and form strong shoots. They are particularly suitable as cut flowers and for parks. The flowers of tulips ‘Bleu Aimable’ have a classic shape, they can have different colors. The variety ‘Bleu Aimable’ has original lilac violet flowers.
The blue hue is especially visible Continue reading “Tulipa (Bleu Aimable)”

Rock Tulip (Tulipa saxatilis), Lilac Wonder ‘

Rock Tulip Lilac Wonder

Description: The Rock Tulip’ Lilac Wonder ‘ belongs to the botanical genera. The stature height is 15 cm. Flowering time: mid-April. The leaves are green and shiny. On the flower stems are up to 4 single, purple rose flowers with yellow center. The rock tulip ‘Lilac Wonder’ is suitable for rockeries or garden borders.

Care: The Rock Tulip ‘Lilac Wonder’ is Continue reading “Rock Tulip (Tulipa saxatilis), Lilac Wonder ‘”

Mini Wild Tulip (Tulipa hageri)

Mini Wild Tulip

Description: The Mini Wild Tulip belongs to the botanical tulips. It reaches 10-30 cm in height. The tulip flowers from April to May. On a stem appear 1 to 4 flowers. They measure 3-6 cm in diameter. They are narrower at the base. The flowers are oval, dark red with a slightly green center. The mini wild tulip looks most beautiful when planted in groups. They are suitable for rockeries, as Continue reading “Mini Wild Tulip (Tulipa hageri)”

Tulipa, Gavota ‘

Tulip Gavota

Description: The tulip’ Gavota ‘belongs to the triumph tulips. They are a cross between early flowering tulips and the Darwin tulips. This tulip group is very colorful. In buds, the flowers are conical, then almost round, they stand on solid flower stems. They are suitable for driving. They measure 40-50 cm stature height. The tulip ‘Gavota’ flowers in early May. The edges of the leaves are Continue reading “Tulipa, Gavota ‘”

Tulip (Fringed Elegance)

Tulip Fringed Elegance

Description: The Tulip ‘Fringed Elegance’ belongs to the fringed tulips. Previously, these plants were among the parrot tulips. This is a sport of the ‘Jewel of Spring’ and was bred in 1974 by Johan C. van Reisen. This plant reaches 60 cm height of growth. The green leaves are broad-lanceolate. They measure up to 35 cm in length. The flowers of the tulip ‘Fringed Elegance’ appear in May. Continue reading “Tulip (Fringed Elegance)”

Tulip (Tulipa), Shirley ‘

Tulip Shirley

Description: The tulip’ Shirley ‘belongs to the triumph group. It reaches up to 60 cm in height. The leaves are green. Flowering time is April-May. The flowers of the tulip ‘Shirley’ are creamy white with purple edges and purple stripes. During flowering, the purple color becomes more and more apparent. The anthers are brown-purple.

Care: The place is sunny to partially shaded. Continue reading “Tulip (Tulipa), Shirley ‘”

Turkestan Tulip (Tulipa turkestanica)

Turkestan Tulip

Description: The Turkestan tulip comes from Turkestan and northwest China. The tulip has been in cultivation since 1875. It belongs to the group of botanical tulips. The plant reaches from 20 – 25 cm height of growth. The leaves of the Turkestan tulip are narrow and gray-green. They stand at 2 to 4 on an inflorescence. They are slightly wavy and 15 cm long. The stems reach up to 30 cm in Continue reading “Turkestan Tulip (Tulipa turkestanica)”

Wild Tulip (Tulipa praestans)

Wild Tulip

Description: The wild tulip comes from the mountainous regions of Pamir and Altai. It is cultivated since 1901. It belongs to the group of botanical tulips. The wild tulip reaches 20-30 cm stature height. It has 3 to 6 gray-green or blue-green leaves. They are lanceolate. The leaf blade is slightly hairy. The leaves are up to 20 cm long. The flowering season is April. The flowers are 2 to Continue reading “Wild Tulip (Tulipa praestans)”

Garden Tulip (Tulipa hybr.)

Garden Tulip

Description: The garden tulip belongs to the lily family. It is undemanding and flowers in late spring. There are about 100 genera of tulip known and about 15 000 cultivars. The stems of the garden tulip are upright, with a flower at the end. Some varieties carry 2 or 3 flowers on a flower stalk. Usually they have 2 or more lanceolate leaves, mostly gray-green. The onions can be of various Continue reading “Garden Tulip (Tulipa hybr.)”