Fiederaralie (Polyscias scutellaria)


Description: The Fiederaralie is a shrub with woody branches. It occurs in many tropical countries. Most genera of the Fiederaralie come from the Malay Archipelago. The non-woody shoots are light green. The leaves are green, shiny. They grow on long petioles.

Care: The Fiederaralie is a container plant that prefers partially shaded spots. Direct Continue reading “Fiederaralie (Polyscias scutellaria)”

Star of Egypt (Pentas lanceolata)

Star of Egypt

Description: Star of Egypt is often used in floristics. This plant is native to tropical Africa, where it is cultivated as a low shrub in gardens. The leaves are ovate, soft and dark green. The inflorescences are umbels. Depending on the variety, they can be pink, white, red or orange. As a container plant it reaches up to 1 m in height.

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Ant plant (Myrmecodia echinata)

Ant plant

Description: The ant plant Myrmecodia has a thickened trunk and belongs to the family of reds. It occurs naturally in Indonesia. This plant looks like a succulent, but has nothing in common with this plant group. The short, thickened, bulbous trunk is covered with short spines. There are only a few leaves.
They are green and have very short leaf stems. The flowers Continue reading “Ant plant (Myrmecodia echinata)”

Pellionia (Pellionia pulchra)


Description: Pellonia is native to Asia. It is a groundcover plant. It can be grown in small greenhouses or traffic lights. The stems of Pellionia are reddish. They are covered with gray-silvery leaves. You’re very attractive. The Pellionia does not bloom in our conditions. It grows slowly and reaches heights of growth up to 25 cm.

Care: The Continue reading “Pellionia (Pellionia pulchra)”

Pink Catharanthe (Catharanthus roseus)

Pink Catharanthe

Description: Pink Catharanthe looks similar to periwinkle. This plant is also called Pink Room Evergreen. The flowers and the leaves are similar. The pink Catharanthe comes from the tropics. We cultivated it as a houseplant or annual plant. It can also be easily grown in the garden.
Pink Catharanthe has shiny leaves. The flowers are white and or pink. It reaches up Continue reading “Pink Catharanthe (Catharanthus roseus)”

Blackwing (Lychnis coronaria)

Blackwing Elephant

Description: The Blackwing Elephant is a member of the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae). It is a biennial plant and it seeds easily. The habit is highly branched. From the leaf rosette grow many inflorescences, they reach up to 75 cm growth height. The leaves are ovate, lanceolate, silvery and guarded. They are delicate. The flowers of the Vexiernelke can have different Continue reading “Blackwing (Lychnis coronaria)”

Common ox tongue (Anchusa officinalis)

Common ox tongue

Description: The common ox tongue is a perennial or biennial plant of the deciduous family. The small, blue to purplish-purple flowers are in branched inflorescences that appear from June to October. The leaves are lanceolate or oblong and hairy like the stem. The common ox tongue is a weed in agricultural crops.
The leaf juice is used to soften the bites of mosquitoes Continue reading “Common ox tongue (Anchusa officinalis)”

Red Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)

Red Foxglove

Description: Red Foxglove is a biennial ornamental plant with very interesting bellflowers. You can meet them in the mountains of Central Europe. It grows up to 120 cm high. The stems are straight, upright, the inflorescence stem grows in the second year. The inflorescences are vertical, initially dense, then looser. The leaves are oblong, lanceolate. Red Foxglove flowers Continue reading “Red Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)”

Ladybug flower (Campanula medium)

Ladybug flower

Description: The bellflower is from Southern Europe. In gardens it is grown as a biennial plant. In the first year of life, a leaf rosette develops. The flowers of the ladybird flower form in the second year. After the seeds ripen, the plant dies. On the thick, stiff stems grow in a loose racemose inflorescence, the large, blue, violet-pink, violetetn or white, bell-shaped Continue reading “Ladybug flower (Campanula medium)”

Silver thistle (Carlina acaulis)

Silver thistle

Description: Silver thistle is a biennial plant of the daisy family. Located in the mountainous regions of Southern and Eastern Europe. This particularly beautiful ornamental plant develops cup-shaped inflorescences, with outer bracts and look particularly attractive when they are dried. The gray-green rosette leaves with pointed edges reach up to 30 cm in length. From Continue reading “Silver thistle (Carlina acaulis)”