Dwarf Bamboo (Pleioblastus pygmaeus), Distichus’

Dwarf Bamboo (Pleioblastus pygmaeus), Distichus'

Description: The dwarf bamboo, Distichus’ grows dense and compact. It is suitable for full sun and partially shaded areas. He pictures green leaves that are fan-shaped, arranged like palm leaves. Dwarf bamboo, Distichus’ reaches up to 0.8-1.5 m growth height and is quite well cut compatible. In March we cut back the bamboo pretty much and wait for new leaves. It will be especially nice when Continue reading “Dwarf Bamboo (Pleioblastus pygmaeus), Distichus’”

Butcher’s Bamboo (Shibataea kumasaca)

Butcher's Bamboo

Description: Synonyms – Sasa ruscifolia. A decorative groundcover with ruscus-like leaves. Butcher’s bamboo comes from China and Japan. It reaches 0.5-1 m growth height and forms Unterirrdische foothills. Ideal as ground cover or low hedge. When cut in the spring, Broom Bamboo makes dense, green carpets of green leaves. The leaves are lush green, short and broad, the stalks Continue reading “Butcher’s Bamboo (Shibataea kumasaca)”

Sasaella ramosa (Sasaella ramosa)

Sasaella ramosa

Description: Sasaella ramosa is a decorative ground cover that reaches a height of 1 meter (in Japan to 2 m). , When cut in spring, it forms dense, green carpets of thin leaves. The leaves of young plants are small, in older specimens they measure up to 10 cm in length, they are delicate, green, in winter they have lighter edges. Sasaella ramosa grows initially annular, Continue reading “Sasaella ramosa (Sasaella ramosa)”

Sasa veitchii (Sasa veitchii)

Sasa veitchii

Description: Sasa veitchii is an attractive small or medium ground cover with large, broad leaves. It drives foothills and therefore it is recommended to isolate the plant with a rhizome barrier. Sasa veitchii is from Japan, he is also found in Korea. The stalks are green, stable and upright. Especially in autumn, the leaves look decorative, as they then have lighter edges. Continue reading “Sasa veitchii (Sasa veitchii)”

Green Powder Bamboo (Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens)

Green Powder Bamboo

Description: Green Powder Bamboo is a decorative garden bamboo of 3-6 m in height , The stalks are intense yellow, in the sun they are almost orange, floured blue, they have a white Nodienring. In older specimens, the stalks are blue-green, they grow upright and reach up to 6 cm in diameter. The leaves are green, underside bluish to blue-green, up to 15 cm long.
Green Continue reading “Green Powder Bamboo (Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens)”

High hedge bamboo (Fargesia robusta) ‘Wolong’

High hedge bamboo Wolong

Description: High hedge bamboo ‘Wolong’ is a decorative garden bamboo with shiny, elongated leaves and a little sloping stalks. This garden bamboo is most similar to the Phyllostachys species, but it does not require a rhizome barrier. This variety has larger leaves than the varieties, Pingwu ‘i, Campbell’. They are green, shiny, up to 10 cm long.
The stalks are green, Continue reading “High hedge bamboo (Fargesia robusta) ‘Wolong’”

Phyllostachys bambusoides ‘Castillonis’

Phyllostachys bambusoides Castillonis

Description: Phyllostachys bambusoides is a decorative garden bamboo of 3-6 m height The stalks are intense yellow, in the sun they are almost orange. The sulcus is green, older specimens have green stripes in the sulcus. The leaves are green, medium sized, some are creamy white striped. Phyllostachys bambusoides grows upright, usually it forms few streamers.
The place Continue reading “Phyllostachys bambusoides ‘Castillonis’”

Buds Bamboo (Phyllostachys rubromarginata)

Buds Bamboo

Description: Buds Bamboo hat decorative hemispheres with red edges. This variety is very suitable for paper production. Baskets are made from wood. Thanks to the long internodes, this bamboo can also be used for pipe making. Buds Bamboo reaches 4-9 m height. Young stems are green, later dark green, older become yellowish or gray, firm, stable.
They measure up to 6 Continue reading “Buds Bamboo (Phyllostachys rubromarginata)”

Phyllostachys bambusoides ‘Variegata’

Phyllostachys bambusoides Variegata

Description: A European clone of Phyllostachys bambusoides. It can reach 3-5 m height of growth. The stalks are green, later yellowish to gray, they measure up to 5 cm in diameter. They grow upright, they tips are slightly hanging. The decorative leaves have visible, yellow or white stripes.
They drive foothills and therefore it is recommended to confine them with Continue reading “Phyllostachys bambusoides ‘Variegata’”

Sweet Bamboo (Phyllostachys flexuosa)

Sweet Bamboo

Description: This dainty and resilient bamboo can reach 3-5 m in height. Lovely bamboo shoots out yellow stalks that can measure up to 1.5 cm in diameter. Some stems can grow zigzag in the lower part. The leaves are medium in size and dark green. This bamboo has a loose habit, the shoots are initially slightly sloping, their tips are hanging.
Lovely bamboo is suitable Continue reading “Sweet Bamboo (Phyllostachys flexuosa)”