Bobo Head (Soleirolia soleirolii)

Bobo Head (Soleirolia soleirolii)

Description: This very interesting plant is native to Corsica and Sardinia. It grows there on slopes, in rocky crevices. Bobikopf forms miniature, green carpets. Its height is very small, it forms tiny love carpets. The leaves are also very small. The plant is also frost-resistant, so it can also be used for gardening.
After the winter, the plant renews itself from its subterranean shoots. Bobikopf can be planted in small glass vessels, on low walls, on cooler windows. This plant does not bloom.

Care: Bubblehead needs a bright place. If the plant can maintain a constantly moist soil, it can also grow on sunny windowsills and on rock discounts. This plant likes it cold and it would be best if it grows in a place where the temperature reaches a maximum of 20 degrees. It corresponds to a permeable universal substrate. Beyond the summer, the bob is watered abundantly and moderately in winter. He loves to be spattered. This plant is very sensitive to strong surface drying. Fertilize every two weeks with universal fertilizer for flowers.

Propagation: You multiply by plant division. We tear the tufts apart and plant them in a new place.

Diseases and pests: If you grow the bob in your apartment, you will not be threatened with pests and diseases. However, in the garden it is an ideal treat for snails.

Fig. Hugo.arg, published under CC-BY-SA-3.0, Source: Wikimedia Commons.